Would you like to run your own HerSpace?

Calling all local ladies! HerSpace is an incredibly successful service that has been running for 2 years and which is now established across 5 towns in Cheshire, with over 370 members. HerSpace is now in a position to expand and we are looking to recruit more ladies to join our team and start up their own HerSpace branches across the North West!

Could this be your New Year resolution? A great chance to do something a bit different in 2024 & have a project of your own, whilst also boosting the bank balance?

Why is HerSpace so successful?

It is so difficult to make friends in your 30s and onwards, with many women struggling from poor mental health and social isolation. That is where HerSpace comes in!

Our Space Leads plan and host a variety of events catered to a range of interests, running at different times of the week in their local area each month. These events aid friendship building, introduce new hobbies and interests and give members an excuse to spend some time on themselves. HerSpace has such a positive effect on its members, that Social Prescribers now refer their patients to us via their local doctors’ surgeries.

You could be a part of a new and exciting positive social movement that is growing across Cheshire!

What does running your own HerSpace entail?

As co-ordinator of your own HerSpace Branch, you would be responsible for the planning and hosting of 6 events each month in your town. For example, cocktail making, fondue nights, craft tasters, wellbeing workshops, walks, picnics, pub quizzes, paddle boarding, candle making…the list goes on!

You would be responsible for the marketing and successful growth of the model in your area, ensuring that the community is a safe and welcoming space, full of opportunities for local women to focus on their psychological wellbeing. There would be some administrative tasks to complete, such as managing the website, monitoring memberships, emailing members, and keeping track of event attendance.

Alongside your 6 monthly events, there is the option to establish a Book Club or Outreach Community Team (which runs events to raise funds for local charities), and to hire your own Assistant who can help you with the running of your own Space.

I became a member of Macclesfield HerSpace when it launched in September 2022 and I got so much from it I expressed an interest in running my own space!  I’ve got so much out of HerSpace personally that I wanted to pay it forward.  I’ve made new friends, tried lots of new things and it has massively improved my confidence and mental health. It is really rewarding watching people grow friendships and seeing people arrive nervous and leave events happily talking to people – I was so pleased the first time I saw members swapping numbers and co-ordinating which events they were going to attend together!

Natasha Hudson

Space Lead of Wilmslow & Bramhall, HerSpace

I got involved with HerSpace as I recognised there was a lack of space where I live for women to get together, talk and try new things…my job as a psychotherapist meant that I was being faced with this daily, from lonely, female clients, and I wanted to do something about it. Plus, my own social life was lacking! HerSpace has given the members, and me, a space to try new things and make new friends. It can be busy at times but it’s very fulfilling and rewarding work…hearing the feedback from members and seeing the change in people over the time HerSpace Nantwich has been running has been a wonderful thing to create, witness and be a part of!

Natalie Carter-Gibson

Space Lead of Nantwich, HerSpace

Who is this role suited to?

We are lucky to have a fantastic team of ladies who run their own Spaces alongside their personal commitments, who are motivated to do something that not only benefits themselves but other local women by giving them the chance to find new friends and get out of the house a bit more.

We are looking for sociable, well organised and creative individuals who are passionate about promoting the wellbeing of women, to join our team and start up their own HerSpace branches across the North West!

We find that HerSpace is best suited in towns with populations of 20,000 or more and would look to do some research with you to see what opportunities there are in the area that you would like to launch in.

  • Are you looking to make new friends and foster the growth and development of a supportive and welcoming community of local women?
  • Are you looking to find some time for yourself, whilst also directly benefitting the wellbeing of other local women in your town?
  • Are you passionate about promoting mental health and looking to get involved in a new and exciting initiative in your community with the excuse to focus on your own wellbeing?
  • Do you want to boost your current income with some part-time, flexible work that you can complete alongside your other commitments?
  • Are you looking for new things to do in the evenings or at weekends; meals out, creative workshops, exercise tasters, picnics, and walks… whilst also getting paid?

If you answered YES to the above, then running your own HerSpace branch could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

What are the benefits?

Running your own Space is incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to boost your own social life and take part in activities that you enjoy, you are also secure in the knowledge that you are making a real difference to the lives of other women in your area. It provides you with the opportunity to take ownership of your own project and gives you the chance to learn new skills along the way!

The role also comes with financial benefits;

  • HerSpace membership (worth £96 a year)
  • A fixed monthly income of £100
  • Additional income earnt from commission on memberships and event hosting

There is earning potential of £250+ per month and no set up fee to start your own Space. Access to all software needed is included (your own part of the already established website, expenses card, social media account with substantial following), whilst you will receive a budget for expenses. You will also receive full training and an experienced mentor to guide you along the way!

If you would like to find out more then please send an email to Charlotte at info@herspaces.co.uk to receive further information.

We look forward to hearing from you!