The Edge of the Rift

A book of multi-dimensions, demonic forces and a whole new way of thinking about… everything.

1984: Richard Brown went missing just days after becoming obsessed with Gatley House: a derelict building at the edge of town with a grisly past.

Two years later, his troubled daughter, Esta Brown, finally summons the courage to follow her father after spending almost every day staring at the old place, wondering what he’d discovered.

But as the truth about Gatley House slowly emerges, it reveals secrets and sinister dark forces that will make her question everything she thinks she knows about her father, her own identity, and even the very nature of reality itself.

As the Rift opens, Esta stands at the edge of another dimension. Will she reunite with her father, or is she about to unleash ancient forces she can’t hope to control?

If you love reality-bending tales like the show ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘American Gods’ by Neil Gaiman, then you’ll love this mind-blowing novel!

A “Brilliantly imaginative” fantasy adventure series inspired by eastern mythology.

Dive into Edge of the Rift and join Esta on a breath-taking adventure that challenges beliefs, ignites the imagination, and opens the door to a world beyond our own.


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