Taster Session Zumba Northwich Tuesday 11th June Davenham Methodist Church 7.30-8.30pm

Ditch the workout—Join the party!

That’s Zumba’s motto so let’s have our own HerSpace Zumba party!

We’re collaborating with local instructors, RK Zumba, to bring you a fun filled dance style fitness class that ANYONE can do plus we’ve made a special request to include the Beyonce ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ track so we all get to learn the routine!.

If you have two left feet… you’re welcome. No coordination?… yep still welcome!
Wobbly bits… who doesn’t! (more to shake and have fun with!) Can’t dance? We beg to differ..

Rules: be yourself, go at your own pace and HAVE FUN!

Make sure you bring a bottle of water – hydration is important. You may want to bring a towel in case you get sweaty and recommend a jumper/jacket etc. to keep your muscles warm before and after class.

All participants will be informed of the potential risks associated with attending this Zumba class and will be encouraged to consult with a healthcare professional if they are uncertain if it is suitable for them.  N.B. this class will be beginner/moderate level and there will be plenty of opportunities to rest and take a break should you need to.

Host Sharon Curran