Taster session Alpaca Walk Nantwich Sat 29th June Whitepeak 10.30am-12pm

We will start off by going in the pens to meet your new walking partner – you will be in pairs with another member, give them a cuddle and get to know them! We then set off for the walk which lasts around 40 minutes. The walk is all on a tarmac path so no need to worry about getting muddy feet! You will see our selection of other animals and the rest of our alpacas as you will be leading your alpaca around the farm! The whole experience usually lasts a minimum of 1 hour! After the hour with us, it’s up to you if you fancy having a wander around the farm again or going in our all-things-alpaca shop to see what is made with the alpaca’s gorgeous fleece!

There is a pub opposite so afterwards, members can pop in for a drink or some food (not included with the ticket price).

There are only 18 spaces and we will have 9 alpacas between us – we will be the only people present for this session.


Host Amelia Webb