Alone- Lisa Gardner

ROM THE GLOBAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR of Before She Disappeared comes Alone – a gripping thriller introducing Lisa Gardner’s series character Detective D. D. Warren.

As he watches a potentially fatal hostage situation unfold through the scope of his sniper rifle, Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge knows that he may be all that stands between life and death. But from the moment Bobby pulls the trigger, killing an armed man holding his own wife and child hostage, it may be Bobby’s own life that is lost.

Detective D. D. Warren’s investigation into the shooting leads her to the impossibly beautiful young widow, Catherine Rose Gagnon, and the darkness in her past. Even as the truth behind the façade of this wealthy Boston family’s life is revealed, the body count rises. And with a sadistic, vengeful killer newly released from prison, everyone must be on their guard. For he strikes the solitary wanderer – and no one can stay protected forever…

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    Review from Book Club Meeting:
    We agreed that this was a lighter read than our last book. The plot and characters kept most members interested and there were some deep themes, especially the impact of childhood trauma, which prompted another great discussion tonight. We awarded this book 3.5 out of 5.

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