Welcome to the HerSpace Northwich Space.

Meet Your Space Lead: Sharon Curran


Hi I’m Sharon and live in Northwich with my gorgeous doggy, Theo. I’m originally from Stockport but decided to settle here nearly 6 years ago to be closer to family. I understand only too well what it’s like to find yourself in a new town, city or country and not know anybody. Whilst I’m not socially anxious, I’ve had my own mental health struggles over the years so I know how daunting it is to go out there in search of meeting new people and hopefully new friends. In fact, it’s even harder when you’re a local already because you find yourself in that comfortable, uncomfortable zone where so much is already familiar it’s an excuse not to try. Does this sound like you?I am so excited to lead the new Northwich HerSpace. I am passionate about self care and putting your own needs higher up the list of priorities. I’m all about bringing more joy and laughter into everyday life; finding the magic in everyday things and giving yourself permission to say yes to you. Life is complex and difficult enough without dismissing our own needs for health and happiness. It’s time to say goodbye to guilt and hello to a healthier, happier you!My vision is to create and lead a group where women can feel safe to be themselves, let their hair down, learn new things, forget about life struggles, make friends and hopefully feel less alone when transitioning through times of personal change. In a world where so much is done from behind a phone screen or computer, let’s return to old fashioned meet-ups and create unforgettable memories every chance we get.

Come along to our taster events to find out more..

Northwich only opened in April 2024 so it is a very new branch of HerSpace. We already have 30 members which is just fantastic, so if you would like to come along and find out more about membership before signing up, a taster session is for you!

These are events that are open to non members as a way of joining in the atmosphere with other like minded women. 



Upcoming Events available for members to book NOW..