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Perhaps you have just relocated to the area and are looking to connect with new people. Maybe your children have ‘flown the nest’ and you are looking at spending some time to focus on yourself. You may have lost touch with old friends as your lifestyle has changed, or perhaps you are just ‘too busy’ with work or the children and find it hard to prioritise time for yourself.

It is said that you lose more friends than you make after the age of 25. Loneliness is on the rise, as social media can lead to less face to face social interaction. Equally, Mind reports that 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (like anxiety and depression) in any given week in England. The HerSpace vision is to help make women feel connected in the community and provide some much needed Space to focus on themselves and their happiness with the aim of making new friends and trying out new things.

Barriers to Friendship

Barrier 1

Many online forums and support groups aren’t designed to help make local friends; often there are hundreds of members from all over the country which makes it hard to strike up friendship.

Barrier 2

Many established groups are attended by women who are already friends and centre around one interest or activity. Some may not feel confident in approaching others or attending such groups on their own and may want to try out a range of different things.

Barrier 3

Many don’t know where to go to meet others or how to approach them to strike up a friendship. Others don’t have the time to arrange lots of different activities themselves.

HerSpace in the News

HerSpace launches in Macclesfield

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Cheshire Woman of the Year Awards 2023

Congratulations to Charlotte Bell, founder of HerSpace, who was nominated as Cheshire Woman of The Year 2023.

HerSpace launches in Nantwich

HerSpace is now in Nantwich! Read the article in the Nantwich news below: https://thenantwichnews.co.uk/2023/08/30/new-female-support-group-herspace-launches-in-nantwich/

HerSpace in the News – New women’s social group in Congleton

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Interested in running your own Space?

We are looking for local ladies who would be interested in running HerSpace in their local area. Please click the button below for the full details.